Project Management

Delivering value from your customer’s perspective, cutting down waste, and continuously improving help
project managers increase their project efficiency and enable them to deliver more with less

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First Step

Identify Value from Your Customers Perspective

In a nutshell, identifying value means working to deliver what your customers need instead of what they
simply asked for. The value you are producing is inherited in the customers’ problem or pain.

Second Step

Create Continuous Workflow

As next, the focus is on ensuring the project can flow smoothly, without interruptions, blockages, or waiting times through your system. In other words, to achieve continuous workflow in your project. However, to make this happen, first, you need to eliminate the waste activities from your process.

Our approach.

A famous quote by the serial entrepreneur Dave Mcclure states that "Customers don't care about your solution. They care about their problems".

In other words, even if you have the best solution in the world, in case your customers don't see how in reality it will help them solve their problem, they are not going to want to use it.

The strategies we develop, websites we craft, brands we build, and campaigns we create are all shaped by relevant insight.

Third Step

Create a Pull System

A pull system is characterized by work entering the workflow only when there is a demand for it. No work item is being started before there is an actual need for it. The focus is on delivering what the customer wants when she wants it. This way, a pull system avoids building up waste during your project and supports its efficiency and predictability

Fourth Step

Continuous Improvement

Integrating continuous improvement efforts into your projects, you will transform your organization into a
continuous learning system. This way also the optimization of the team performance will be seen as a
continuous effort. Further on, with continuous improvement efforts, you ensure build-in project quality, as
improving your team performance positively impacts your projects’ performance.

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