Warehouse Management System


With hundreds of branches and thousands of daily data inputs, D’Besto faces the challenge of managing diverse conditions at each of its outlets. The company requires a robust system capable of handling all the inputted data and offering flexibility to meet the unique needs of each outlet, spanning from cashier systems to inventory and financing. D’Besto is in need of an integrated system that is reliable around the clock.

Not all point-of-sale (POS) brands out there possess the capability to create a modular and effective system that meets these criteria. This is where WIT.ID plays a crucial role in fulfilling D’Besto’s requirements. Our Warehouse Management System (WMS) not only meets but exceeds D’Besto’s expectations. Designed to handle highly detailed data inputs, our WMS processes this information with great accuracy and speed, providing a solution that is both comprehensive and efficient.

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Warehouse Management System

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